Geometric bronze earrings

Geometric bronze earrings


  • Bronze handmade earrings
  • 14 carat gold filled findings
  • Different gemstones: lapis lazuli or sun stone
  • Ready to ship in 1-5 days


The earrings

Earrings handmade in bronze.

The bronze piece are assembled with 14 carat gold filled findings and to gemstones.

Length: 4.8 cm / 2 inches.



All jewelry are handmade in my workshop.

Jewelry made in bronze. Bronze is a noble metal composed of 90% of copper and 10% of tin.



Jewelry are garantued allergen-free.


Non-contractual pictures.

Les moyens de paiement acceptés sont les suivants :

All jewelry and other accessories are packaged in small black boxes and are shipped by Canada Post in standard parcels or international couriers.

Prices and delivery delays*
Geographic area Delays Prices in euros Prices in canadian dollars
Quebec, Canada From 2 to 4 days 9€ 13 $
Canada (except Quebec) From 4 to 7 days 11€ 16 $
USA From 5 to 8 days 8€ 12 $
France From 6 to 10 days 8€ 12 $
Others countries From 6 to 10 days 10€ 15 $


*Rates and estimated time. To know the actual rates, fill in your address in your cart.

For bronze jewelry

Bronze, like all cuprous metal, oxidizes. Since oxidation is a natural phenomenon, it is inevitable. However, it is possible to slow down this phenomenon and clean the jewels that have tarnished.

To protect your jewelry from oxidation:

Remember to remove your bronze jewelry before taking a shower, playing sports or doing the dishes.
When you do not wear your jewel, consider putting it away in its small box.

If your jewel oxidizes, you can clean it with:

  • Clay stone for sale in organic shops or supermarkets.
  • Beeswax for sale on the online store.
  • A bronze jewelry cleaning cloth for sale on the Miss M. Bijoux e-shop.