Immortalize your child’s drawing as an art jewel!

What parent has never wanted to keep a drawing of their child? With this original concept – which consists in making a piece of jewellery from a child’s drawing – here is an idea that allows you to get a nice souvenir of your child’s drawing.

For the past few months, I’ve been turning your children’s drawings into jewelry! The jewels are entirely handmade in bronze or 925 silver. I make them in my workshop in Montréal.

I thus offer you a unique piece of jewellery, faithful to your child’s original drawing, which you can personalise 100%:

  • Type of jewelry : pendant, bracelet, earrings, lapel pin…
  • Choice of metal : sterling silver or bronze.
  • Jewel size
  • Choice of chain or cord for pendants.

The design of the jewel emanates from a discussion between you and me: I thus make you a jewel proposal based on your child’s drawing that you validate or that we modify together.

Depending on the design, I can, for example, suggest that you keep all the features or modify one or more of them to guarantee an aesthetic and functional jewel while paying tribute to your child’s creativity. I explain the work that will be done on the jewel: engraving, highlighting of certain elements…

As soon as the jewel project is validated, it’s off to the creation of the jewel!

As the creation of the jewel takes several days, it is preferable to plan fora two-week delay minimum for any realization of a jewel if you wish it for a precise date.

This article was written in 2017, a little update is needed! (Updated to April 3, 2020)

– The jeweler having moved her workshop to Quebec, the jewelry is now handmade in Quebec and shipped all over the world.

– The jewellery offer has also evolved as follows:

  • It is no longer necessary to ask for a quote since the rates are now all-inclusive. On the site:, you have the prices for each piece of jewelry.
  • You can order your jewelry directly from the online store and choose your options (engravings, necklaces, type of chain…).
  • Nevertheless, you can contact us if you have a jewelry project that would not be available on the online store.

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