Custom-made jewellery

Unique handmade jewellery

Atelier Marlène Lyotard makes every piece of her jewelry by hand, whether it’s bronze or sterling silver.
This meticulous process makes each piece unique: two pieces of jewellery, even if they are the same, are made of the same material collection, will never be perfectly identical and that’s what makes their charm!
But what could be better than a custom-made jewel, just for you?


Why have your custom jewelry made?

A tailor-made jewel characterizes you and makes you unique.
Starting from a symbol that is dear to you or an idea that resembles you, your jewelry carries a particular meaning, a personal significance that belongs to you.
Whether it is the setting of a particular object, the reproduction of a symbol, an image or an abstract motif, you will carry with you the fruit of your creativity.
Let your inspiration take over and give birth to an original piece of jewellery.


Our creative approach

A custom-made jewel is above all the result of a personal reflection. Atelier Marlène Lyotard accompanies you in the process of creating your jewel.
You don’t need to be an artist to have your custom-made jewelry made: from a simple concept, Atelier Marlène Lyotard makes you a proposal.
It is a real dialogue that takes place in order to best respond to your request and understand what is most important to you.
For Atelier Marlène Lyotard, the creation of each custom-made piece of jewellery is a new challenge and a constant renewal.
It is an opportunity for the designer to go out of her habits and to imagine together a jewel that goes out of her usual register, according to your desire.
Each custom-made jewel is a challenge that Atelier Marlène Lyotard is ready to take up!


The making of your jewelry

As with the collections, Custom jewelry is handmade by Atelier Marlène Lyotard, in bronze or 925 silver.
All our jewellery is made in Quebec in an eco-responsible way. We favour short circuits, recycled or natural materials, while paying particular attention to the ecological impact of our production.

Some examples of jewellery made to measure by Atelier Marlène Lyotard.

Here are a few examples of our custom-built projects.

re you a fan of a film, a series or a book? This necklace was designed for a fan of a manga. She wanted to gather several symbols of the same universe on a single jewel. Her exchange with Miss M. gave birth to this unique and original jewel.

The client had a very specific request: a silver ring with a macramé motif with his initials. Atelier Marlène Lyotard used a different technique to make this original ring. Once finished, the ring was patinated to highlight the macramé pattern.

The customer wanted a sterling silver bracelet engraved with his first name. Atelier Marlène Lyotard then made the engraving by hand. Personalization, name engraving… are also custom jewelry that Atelier Marlène Lyotard can make for you!

This pendant has been made to measure to set a precious shell for its wearer. A minimal setting was chosen in order to highlight this unique shell, in accordance with our customer’s wishes.

The first exchange with the client was at a handmade market. The customer also had a very precise idea in mind: to make a bear pendant for her daughter from a photo. She entrusted Atelier Marlène Lyotard with the creation of this pendant.

Many parents wish to immortalize the drawings of their young artists. This jewel was made from Siria’s drawing. You can find other creations of the same kind on our dedicated page: Kid’s Art

Do you have any ideas for jewelry?

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