Collection lA BAROUDEUSE

To complete its universe L’ATELIER MARLÈNE LYOTARD presents its new collection LA BAROUDEUSE: pretty, modern and practical.

LA BAROUDEUSE is a collection of silver and bronze jewelry designed for women of character, ready to take on any challenge!

Inspired by nature and its changes with the seasons, this collection combines raw forms with a smooth finish. The materials chosen are noble and precious. From there, simple and authentic jewelry is born.

Shine with our selection of jewelry from the new collection

For a distinctive look that reflects your roots and reflects your identity, choose L’ATELIER MARLÈNE LYOTARD jewelry from the LA BAROUDEUSE collection hich was inspired by nature, landscapes sculpted by the wind, especially sand and snow dunes. This collection includes necklaces, rings and earrings that are distinguished by noble metals including bronze and sterling silver giving a lively touch to your look.

These unique pieces, designed with love and made by hand!

Looking for delicate and unique jewelry to complement your clothing styles? Opt for nature-inspired designs to adorn your neck and ears and enhance your look for the day. In this photo album, we reveal a set of jewelry designs inspired by snow and sand so you can make your choice without hesitation.

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